Management Trainee

Management Trainee

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This job opportunity is part of the MATCH project.

About Manuchar:
A multinational of Belgian origin
Manuchar is a leading distributor of chemicals across emerging markets and actively trades in
several other commodities.
We operate in more than 35 emerging markets with our own local logistics assets and people
providing storage, value-added logistics and just-in-time (JIT) deliveries in over 170 locations.
Our entrepreneurial spirit, operational excellence and unmatched reliability have grown
Manuchar’s annual revenues to over 1.5 billion USD.
The ingredients of our success?
We know the products, markets, global & local logistical solutions, and we have the necessary
financing capabilities. But most of all… we have the people that make it work!
At Manuchar, we keep your production running. Anytime. Anywhere.

Main tasks:
During a 1 year internship in Antwerp, you will first receive an introduction to file administration
on an operational, documentary, and financial level. After the internship in Antwerp, you will
permanently be based in Nigeria.
• You will gradually become part of the trading team of Chemicals in Nigeria. You will handle
requests, draw up offers, and follow-up quotations till closing the deal.
• You have an important role in our international trading business, from purchasing goods from
our suppliers to shipping them to our customers in Nigeria.
• You monitor recurrent business and assist the traders in the further strategic expansion of
their markets.
● Besides the commercial support, you will be involved in reporting and in following up on
incoming payments of the markets you commercially support.
● You coordinate the planning of the maritime and road transport in cooperation with the
shipping and transport companies. Our back office will handle the orders, but you supervise
the filing process from a sales perspective and solve problems smoothly where necessary

Is it a local employment?
Required Language
Requirements and Qualification

We are looking for someone who has common sense, is willing to learn and grow in
his/her career path.
• You have a background in and interested in sales or logistics.
• Young graduate eager to learn are also welcome.
• You have an understanding of the local Nigerian market and our clients’ needs.
• Good communication and people skills
• You are a team player, motivated & willing to understand the Manuchar culture.
Colleagues appreciate your sense of initiative, flexibility, and teamwork.
• You have a proficiency in English and are willing to learn Dutch.


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