Senior Software Consultant (SC)

Senior Software Consultant (SC)

Employee Type

Job description:

Provision of advice and assistance in any area associated with the procurement, provision, delivery, maintenance, deployment, hosting, effective use of information systems and their environments.

Main tasks:

* Provision of quality plans, service level agreements, quality control and evaluation, quality assessments or other quality matters associated with information systems projects

• Management of unit tests

• Assistance in the implementation of development methodology

• Assistance in software development including micro services architecture

• Provision of security studies, security assessments or other security matters associated with information system projects

• Functional requirements and business case analysis

• Elaboration of vision documents

• Risk analysis

• Analysis of information systems portfolio

• Analysis of business processes

• Architecture and Infrastructure analysis including deployment of applications.


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Required Language
Requirements and Qualification


* Minimum experience of 6 years after the university or 9 years after the high-school.

• English language skills are required (written and spoken)

• Work environment/conditions

      • ITIL

      • JEE 7 environment and standards, EJB3, JMS

      • Micro services infrastructure


      • RTC

      • WIKI creation and maintenance, FAQ, Forum

• Technologies requested

      • Java EE 7, Weblogic Application Server,

      • Spring boot, spring MVC

      • SOAP Web Services, Oracle, and Kafka.

      • Git, RTC, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence.

      • Angular, TypeScript, CSS, SCSS, HTML, JavaScript. Jenkins

      • Cl and CD.



Years of Experience
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