Senior Software Consultant (SC)

Senior Software Consultant (SC)

Employee Type

Provision of advice and assistance in any area associated with the procurement, provision, delivery, maintenance, deployment, hosting, effective use of information systems and their environments.

Main tasks:

• Provision of quality plans, service level agreements, quality control and evaluation, quality assessments or other quality matters associated with information systems projects
• Management of unit tests
• Assistance in the implementation of development methodology
• Assistance in software development including micro services architecture
• Provision of security studies, security assessments or other security matters associated with information system projects
• Functional requirements and business case analysis
• Elaboration of vision documents
• Risk analysis
• Analysis of information systems portfolio
• Analysis of business processes
• Architecture and Infrastructure analysis including deployment of applications.

Is it a local employment?
Requirements and Qualification

• Minimum experience of 6 years after the university or 9 years after the high-school.
• English language skills are required (written and spoken)
• Work environment/conditions
• JEE 7 environment and standards, EJB3, JMS
• Micro services infrastructure
• WIKI creation and maintenance, FAQ, Forum
• Technologies requested
• Java EE 7, Weblogic Application Server,
• Spring boot, spring MVC
• SOAP Web Services, Oracle, and Kafka.
• Git, RTC, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence.
• Angular, TypeScript, CSS, SCSS, HTML, JavaScript. Jenkins
• Cl and CD.


Years of Experience
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