Product Developer Vegetables

Product Developer Vegetables

Employee Type

After completing 2 years of training at Bejo’s trial station in Senegal, in which all aspects of cultivation are covered, the candidate will go return to Nigeria where they have to map out the market; they need to explore where the important cultivation areas are located, what are the needs, but above all, identify the enterprising growers that want to invest in their cultivation, how they are structured, which organizations influence the choices that are made? Similarly, the candidate is expected to explore the distribution structure in the area and look for reliable partners with whom we could work together.
The candidate will eventually offer support in setting up trials in cooperation with the abovementioned parties, and supervise these batches, which ultimately should lead to (increased) sales.
Because distribution is a crucial element of our work, the candidate should also map out how, and which parties arrange distribution in the area, and what the influencers are in an area.

Is it a local employment?
Requirements and Qualification


• BSc. or MSc. in agriculture, combined with knowledge of Soil Science and fertilization
• Experience in developing marketing and sales strategies
• Experience working with smallholder farmers and their distributors
• Experience in Sales or Marketing in an international agricultural or horticultural environment in combination with a strong understanding of seed company practices
• Good communication skills
• Knowledge of Social Media is a pre

Main tasks:

• Market development by positioning Bejo’s seed varieties in Nigeria, increase turnover and market share with channel partners and create grower demand
• Sell products by value adding crop solutions and deliver outstanding customer service
• Build strong relationships with key producers and customers in your territory
• Coordinate and evaluate trials
• Set and achieve sales targets
• Develop and implement sales & marketing and account plans
• Ongoing market analysis in Nigeria; map out the main parties that arrange distribution


Years of Experience
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