October 10, 2019 – 9 am to 5 pm – M & M Event Centre, Peace Garden, International Conference Centre, Abuja


  1. Background

Nigeria is home to 47% of the total population in West Africa with 195 million inhabitants. The country witnessed an economic downturn in recent years which resulted in various challenges among which unemployment is major. Unemployment rate in Q3, 2018 stood at 23.1% while underemployment and youth unemployment rate remained high at 20.1% and 33.1% respectively (National Bureau of Statistics).


In view of the foregoing, there is the need for urgent redress within the domestic labour market. While the country boasts of a vibrant youthful population, viable policies that respond to the needs and aspirations of young people, stimulate and generate decent job opportunities to harness their creativity and dynamism towards development are clearly insufficient. As a result of this and other socio-economic push factors, young Nigerians seek opportunities beyond the shores of the country. Additionally, Nigeria remains one of the main countries of origin, transit and destination for migration.


It seems evident that the disconnect between the private sector and institutions of tertiary education across the country has resulted in outdated study curricula which means job seekers are not equipped with the set of skills demanded by the private sector. Furthermore, little efforts are being made to support the matching of companies offering jobs and graduates from universities and vocational training institutions seeking employment. Against this background, GIZ Nigeria in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, is organizing the Abuja Job Fair 2019, on the 10th of October 2019 at the M & M Event Centre, Peace Garden, International Conference Centre, Abuja.  


  1. Objectives of the Abuja Job Fair 2019

The event is set to match more than 1,000 job seekers with at least 100 employers. It will also provide a platform to discuss and exchange on skills match and employment promotion as a vehicle for economic growth in Nigeria. To this end, a vital part of the Abuja Job Fair 2019 is a panel discussion on the theme “matching skills and cooperate needs: getting it done”. It is expected that seasoned panellists will make significant contributions for consideration of future action to improve the current status quo in Nigeria. In order to contribute to skills development of the workforce in Nigeria, GIZ has organized series of trainings in employability and soft skills for Jobseekers for the last year and continues to do so in the run-up to the event to ensure ideal matches between employers and potential employees.

The Abuja Job Fair 2019 aims at the following specific objectives:

  • To provide a platform to bring together employers offering vacant positions with job seekers that have a matching qualification.
  • To provide employers with a pool of trained jobseekers for the labour market.
  • To equip jobseekers with labour market essential skills for the corporate industry.
  • To provide a networking opportunity for employers and jobseekers
  • To provide a forum for exchange between academia and cooperate labour needs


III         Benefits to employers

  • Access to a pool of trained jobseekers.
  • Contribution to the reduction of unemployment in Nigeria
  • Opportunity to increase brand awareness


For Job Seekers, the link for registration is below. 




For Employers, the link for registration is below.