Architects, Planners, Surveyors and Designers

Architects, planners, surveyors and designers plan and design landscapes, building exteriors and interiors, products for manufacture, and visual and audiovisual content for the communication of information. They conduct survey work to precisely position geographical features; design, prepare and revise maps; and develop and implement plans and policies for controlling the use of land.

Tasks performed usually include: determining the objectives and constraints of the design brief by consulting with clients and stakeholders; formulating design concepts and plans that harmonize aesthetic considerations with technical, functional, ecological and production requirements; preparing sketches, diagrams, illustrations, animations, plans, maps, charts, samples and models to communicate design concepts and other information; analysing photographs, satellite imagery, survey documents and data, maps, records, reports and statistics; undertaking research and analysing functional, spatial, commercial, cultural, safety, environmental and aesthetic requirements.